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Hypoallergenic Rooms

Two safe hypoallergenic rooms

At Hotel MIKADO we strive to ensure a comfortable stay for all our guests. That is why we will honour all reasonable special accommodation requests.

Two rooms of Standard category are completely hypoallergenic. This means we try to keep them as free as possible from all common allergens (down, dust mites, pollen) so that our guests with allergies or asthma can fully enjoy their stay in our hotel.

The rooms are furnished with a special hypoallergenic carpet and the surfaces which retain dust or pollen are limited to absolute minimum. Hypoallergenic rooms contain no textile upholstery and the beddings are also made from safe materials. We take great care in cleaning these rooms using safe and thorough methods.

We realize that the quality of bed linen, blankets and pillows also contributes to the peaceful sleep and happiness of our guests. At Hotel MIKADO we only use a high quality durable cotton damask bed linen. Damast atlasgrádl is a fabric made from a 100-percent cotton thread of 155 g/m2 weight.

Hypoallergenic covers and pillows at Hotel MIKADO

In order to ensure comfort for all our guests we decided to use hypoallergenic HOLOFIL covers and pillows filled with polyester hollowfiber in all rooms.

The pillows with cross-stitching and hollowfibre filling are of standard sizes of 65 x 90 cm and 50 x 70 cm, decorative cushions are available in sizes of 40 x 60 cm and 40 x 40 cm. HOLOFIL duvet covers are also cross-stitched and available in standard size of 140 x 200 cm.

Our hotel is a non-smoking establishment (smoking is permitted outside in the designated areas) and we do not allow pets in order to secure the cleanest possible environment for other guests, who could be allergic to dog or cat hair and dander.

If you wish to book an hypoallergenic room, please do not forget to mention your request in the field for Notes in our online Booking Form.

Should you need any additional assistance – maybe some further help with your room accommodations, refill your medications or even medical help, - please let our Reception staff know. They are at your disposal 24 hours every day and will try to be of help if at all possible.