Zelený Hotel

A Hotel Green on the Inside and Outside

Green and yellow are our colours

It is impossible not to notice that our hotel has a lot of green on the facade. Our logo is green and yellow and we chose both colours on purpose. We like the greenery inside and out as well as the sun, which can illuminate the hotel's interior thanks to the generous windows.

The four giant cedar trees, that nowadays protect the terrace of the restaurant Rouge, were saved from the previous industrial estate and incorporated into our construction designs. On the other side of the hotel, we planted five plane trees (lat. Platanus) which have already grown strong and beautiful and will continue spreading their branches and roots for many years.

We strive to be considerate in our approach towards environment. Even though our hotel does not hold a green building certificate such as LEED or BREEAM we want our facilities to be clean, pleasant and ecological. Thanks to the trees, numerous plants and generously designed space, that allow you to breathe, we were able to create a pleasant atmosphere not only for our guests but also for our staff.

Like many other environmentally-conscious facilities we have a rule that we do not wash the towels daily but only when our guests request it by placing dirty towels on the bathroom floor. World hotels use enormous volumes of water for doing laundry. By excluding the unnecessary washing of towels that can be reused during a longer stay we strive to help save this precious resource, which is both economical as well as ecological.

We separate trash with care; not only plastics and paper but also biological refuse from our restaurants and bars as well as the used cooking oil. Of course, we also dispose of batteries and light bulbs in a secure manner through specialized collection points.

How we separate litter from restaurants and hotel MIKADO:

  • Bio refuse – disposed of through a specialized service;
  • Used cooking oil – disposed of through a specialized service;
  • Separation of fats and petroleum substances – through light liquid separator Lapol;
  • Used light bulbs, fluorescent tubes and batteries – disposed of through specialized collection points;
  • Broken electrical appliances – disposed of through specialized collection points;
  • Separate containers for paper, plastics and mixed refuse – disposed of through Nitra municipal services.
Green hotel