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Is it possible to stay at Hotel MIKADO with my family pet (dog, cat...)?

Is it possible to stay at Hotel MIKADO with my family pet (dog, cat...)?

Even though we realize that it is sometimes hard to part from your dog or cat even for a few days, the answer is NO.

Our hotel policy – namely operational and hygienic reasons – does not allow for the accommodation of family pets such as dog, cat, ferret, rat or others.

"But my dog is really clean and well-behaved... I only have a toy-dog who does not bark at all... My cat has his travel toilet... My kitty is an extraordinary lady, she never scratches furniture nor carpets..."

Pets in a hotel present several potential complications, no matter how well-behaved the animal is and its owner careful.

There is a question of other guests´ comfort – maybe they crave a quiet time with no disturbance or they can be uneasy with animals for various reasons. And then there is the need to maintain the utmost cleanliness as well as nice and safe interior for all current and future guests.

You pet may get stressed out, may be spooked by something and react unexpectedly. Should anything happen, the hotel might be liable for the damages.

"Even if I promise to make sure nothing happens and pay for any damaged things?"

It is not only about barking, meowing or possible damage to the interior of the rooms. Nowadays, many people are allergic to animal fur and dander. They may not be aware of this if they do not own or come into contact with any pets.

Because animals – just like people – naturally shed hair and sometimes it is impossible to see it, much less remove all at once, we would not want any guests, who come after you and your pet, to have unexpected health complications.

"But my cat / dog / rat does not have fur and therefore is hypoallergenic..."

The above-mentioned reasons still apply – respect to other guests and operational procedures make us adhere to the "no pets" policy. Have you ever tried to search for a (bald) rat in the hotel air vents system? smiley